360 Degree Aurora Borealis Panorama Time-Lapse & Acoustic Fingerpicking Guitar Instrumental. Video created by Vincent Brady over the course of a 5 week stay in Iceland. Music written and recorded by Brandon McCoy, who's song was specially crafted for this project.

After shooting the successful 360 panorama Earth & Space 'Planetary Panoramas' time-lapse, we all knew the next step was to get under the aurora borealis. So consider this a sequel! It was amazing to be in Iceland for an extended amount of time for such a project. It took a lot a waiting for clear skies paired with a little aurora hunting luck. Iceland is a photographers dream as the entire country feels like another planet! All the scenes in this video incorporate water in the shot. I didn't do that on purpose but auroras flowing like water makes for a good theme. 

Seljalandsfoss - I'm not sure why the waterfall was lit with hot pink lights this night but it made for a nice contrast against the green lights coming in.


Hvítserkur - I setup my cameras in the black sand during low tide near the bottom of the walking dinosaur. As the tide gently came in my cameras were capturing the water and the flow of auroras across the sky.

Here's the 4 camera with fisheye array of cameras. Each shoot is a lot of work with using this rig. Between charging 4 camera batteries, unloading 40gigs of photos as each camera typically shoots 300-400 photos, resulting in 300-400 panoramas. Scouting locations, shooting through the night and repeating. Then returned home for the post-processing stitching of the panoramas, editing, tweaking, stacking, and rendering took a lot of time as well!

Skógafoss - I Wanted to see as many reflections of auroras as I could so I setup my camera rig in the moving water at the bottom of the mighty waterfall. The auroras flowed across the sky just like the river I was in.

Lake Myvatn - A quiet peaceful night in north Iceland. The stillness of the water was highly photogenic as the stars and lights streaked across the clear sky.

Gatklettur Sea Arch - A short hike from the fishing village Arnarstapi leads to eroding lava formation in the sea. As waves crashed against the arch the auroras gained intensity in the sky.

Kirkjufell - One of the best displays I witnessed on the trip was at Iceland's iconic Church Mountain on Sunday morning. It was incredible to watch the lights at times seem violent as the pulsed across the sky. The gentle waterfall came down the mountain and flowed into the bay as the moon was rising.

Skógafoss - The same shot sequence just edited in a different way, with a really cool trick!


Jökulsárlón - Moonlight lit up ice blocks in the glacier lagoon as quiet auroras swayed across the sky.

Kirkjufell - Similar location on a different night, as auroras were much quieter.

Equipment Used
- 4 Canon Rebel t2i's
- 4 Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Lenses

- Magic Lantern for camera hacking
- PTGui for panorama stitching 
- StarStax for stacking images
- LRTimelapse for smoothing flickers
- Photoshop CC for all things photo editing
- Premiere Pro CC for compiling and rendering final video

Would love to hear your thoughts!