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After receiving an associates degree in photography from Lansing Community College in 2013, I hit the road. While experimenting with various types of photography I quickly found my passion in capturing the mystery and wonder of the night, from fireflies dominating the forest with a disco show to the relationship between sandstone monuments and the Milky Way in motion. Much of the the creations can be referred to as time-lapse images. Originally seeking to create images I couldn't keep myself from creating the time-lapse videos that come naturally. 

Most recently I spent 5 weeks in Iceland with my multiple camera rig to create 360 degree, aurora borealis, panorama time-lapse images and video. This was a sequel to the 'Planetary Panoramas' time-lapse which uses the 360 rig to capture the night sky in motion above iconic landscapes throughout the U.S.

Continuing down the road of 360 time-lapse. Right now I'm working on converting my panoramas into a time-lapse video for Virtual Reality devices.

If it naturally glows in the dark you know I'm in pursuit of the image.

I also manage and maintain Windwalker Arts & Underground Galleries in Charlotte, MI

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