The past several years I have pursued photography as a serious art form.I love to be far away from city lights shooting the night sky on clear moonless nights. The night is full of mystery and wonder I have found no feeling like that of having an unobstructed view of distant stars while being in amazing locations. I do my best to share this feeling by capturing Earth & Space scenes. Perhaps I am best known for my 'Planetary Panoramas,' which I create from a custom made 4 camera rig that captures a 360 degree scene with the entire night sky in motion over several hours. I've been fortunate to have this series featured on several media outlets and plan on continuing the project indefinitely.

I have found my passion in capturing the light that is hard to see and just beyond the naked eye. I have explored the macro world, experimented with long exposures, and dabbled into infrared photography as well.

The great state of Michigan is where I call home. I received an Associates Degree in Photography from Lansing Community College in May of 2013. Since then, I've been traveling and creating images.

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Email: vbradyphoto@aol.com